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The Cabinet of Dr Mystery

The Cabinet of Dr Mystery

By Deathotel Creative

The Cabinet of Dr. Mystery explores all the horrors of the world. From true crime, and alien abductions, to paranormal events, cryptids, and cults. Our cabinet holds the mysteries of the universe.

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Episode 13: Children of God Pt. III: Our God is a Sexy God

Summary In today’s episode, we continue our discussion on the religious sex cult, The Children of God. We’ll look at the case study “Lustful Prophet: A Psychosexual Historical Study of the Children of God’s Leader, David Berg.” We also discuss several families within the cult that had their lives changed forever. Merry Berg, Amy Bril,Continue reading “Episode 13: Children of God Pt. III: Our God is a Sexy God”

Episode 10: Project MKUltra & Subproject 68: The CIA LSD Mind Control Experiments

Summary In our latest episode, we discuss how Nazi scientists, introduced to the US through Operation Paperclip, and their research prompted the CIA mind control experiments seen in Project MKUltra and its various sub-projects. The MkUltra program saw covert experiments funded through shell companies at universities and research centers across North America. Other studies wereContinue reading “Episode 10: Project MKUltra & Subproject 68: The CIA LSD Mind Control Experiments”


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